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Food for thought

Ok so my bestest thought it would be cool to start blogging about all my food issues and for anyone out there with food issues…if you wanna hear my problems so yours dont sound so bad then.fuck it why not right?! And if youve got it worse, well then hey, share that shit imma good listener. Plus hearing about worse shit then yours always makes dealing easier. Just saying.

Lets just start off having a fun little description of the shit im.dealing with on a daily shall we?
Lucky for you im ocd as fuck and.broke it all.down for yea into awesome categories….


»»Penicillin (side note this allergy causes several food allergies)

»»All that green shit you see outside, yea im allergic to it. If its green im allergic.
»»Dust, Mold, Pollen

*Food (this ones always fun)
»»Here we go : shellfish, swordfish, calamari, mushrooms (direct result from penicillin), blue cheese (again due to penicillin), anchovies [side note: these are in most creamy salad dressings so lets add those to.the list as well], sunflower, sesame, peanuts, treenuts, coconuts…I think…think thats the whole of it…its ever changing though. Stay tuned.

»» horses, cats, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, all those little critters like them.

And there we go. Next stop lets chat about my last dr appointment. Testing for Celiacs. So. Much. Fun.


They sneak up on you sometimes…the memories you least want to remember. It’s not easy trying to forget what’s best left forgotten. Yet when the times comes there’s no way you can because in fact they are you and you are them. Best to just take them as they come and deal with each in the same breath as the next. Perhaps breathing will be easier when it’s all said and done.

Teen vs. Young Adult

Ive a question for all you book fans out there…wth is with the ages of these book characters in the young adult category? quite honestly i find it vastly disturbing that these 14-17 year old main characters lead such blatantly sexual lives and NO ONE finds this inappropriate??? Young Adult should cover exactly as it portrays…young adults! 18-25 ! NOT teenagers who are on the cusp of their sexuality.  The new books by so many authors clearly encourage any kind of sexual behavior among  greatly influenced, barely out of puberty CHILDREN.


just a kiss just a touch

just a little too much

keep my love keep my heart

keep my mind for a start

hold me close hold me tight

hold me through the night

love me now love me free

love me nice and see

how my love can suddenly

take a chance and be

theres a place there’s a time

there’s a beauty in our rhyme

when I’m low when i’m sad

when i’m lost or feeling mad

you give me hope give me bliss

give me one tender kiss

and i’m lost and i’m found

and i’m claimed all around

love me now love me free

love me nice and see

how my love can suddenly

take a chance and be

take a chance and be


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